Wearing your Helmet

Hello everyone, welcome back to my vehicles and engines blog. Today I wanted to talk about something that makes me angry every single day, people not wearing their helmets. I am staying in South East Asia right now and the amount of people you see zooming around on their $10,000 motor bike with no helmet drives me absolutely bonkers. More than once I have been driving down the road and see someone lying on the side of the road with their head split open and no helmet to be seen. It only took witnessing one of those accidents for me to realize that whenever I ride my bike I should wear my helmet. 

Why would you not?

This is one of my biggest questions when I see people not wearing a helmet zooming in and out of between cars. Why on Earth would you not wear a helmet when riding a two wheeled vehicle at 40 kilometers an hour plus? I have had bugs fly into my eye when I forget my sunglasses and even that can stop me from driving for a minute. I have heard people complain about not being able to see enough with helmets on, which I don’t believe at all. If you have a properly fitted helmet then you should not have any visibility problems. 

The Benefits

Meanwhile, there are so many reasons to wear a helmet. It makes it so that your head stays a bit more dry during the rain, and if you have a visor it helps block out and nasty smells including smoke and dust from those big trucks passing you at 100 kilometers an hour. You also get the added benefit of not having your skull crushed by the pavement when you overreact to the drunk guy swerving into you, which to me is the only benefit that really matters.

wearing a helmet