The growing popularity of SUVs is unstoppable

SUV’s growing popularity unstoppable 

SUV or Sports Utility Vehicles have gained popularity globally at a vast rate over the past 20 - 25 years. Once upon a time they were only driven by lumberjacks in Alaska or farmers in Northern Scotland. Nowadays everybody with a family or anyone that plays golf has one, City dwellers, suburbians or countryside folk, they are everywhere.

The main reasons being safety and plenty of space for the whole family, all the groceries with maybe a bit of DIY shopping thrown in. The SUV is safer as all passengers are higher off the ground. This gives the driver a lot better chance of seeing potential incidents sooner and can react accordingly. SUVs are also manufactured with excellent braking and handling features as well as very strong frames and chassis, making them far safer than a standard saloon. 

They also have superior handling on city roads because they are higher off the ground. All manufacturers seem to produce their ranges with  power in mind, making most, if not all SUVs a joy to ride. The Range Rover Long Wheelbase Autobiography LR-V8 Supercharged 5.0 Litre Petrol version has an 8 speed transmission, 8 cylinders, 375/510 Power(kw/ps), Maximum Torque (rpm) 2500-5500, 8 cylinder engine makes it a very powerful machine. Acceleration is 0-100km/h in just over 5 seconds and is an absolute joy to drive. 

The amount of SUVs we will see on the road in the future is only going to expand as market competition increases and technology advances keep progressing. Land Rover reportedly  invested around 1500m GBP on research and development in the fiscal year 2014/15.