Strange Car Merch

Hey you lovely people, I am happy to welcome you to my vehicle and engines blog. One of the things I have always loved about car design is how much innovation is involved. In the studios of most car makers you will find a host of non vehicle objects. Some of these are items meant to inspire, some meant to build desire and some meant to showcase the talent of the designers themselves. I took a look online and found some really cool gadgets and interesting merchandise that has little to do with their namesake, but are some cool products all the same.


Lamborghini Boom Box

While the makers of the Beats pill would have you believe that speakers only need one angle, iXoost thinks you can never have enough. iXoost are the creators of the Lamborghini Esavox speaker which is a gigantic boombox that would blow your windows out if it was in the car while still having classy lambo design features. Turning the speakers on and off is done with a starter button (Huracan is that you?) and i’m 99% sure the exhaust pipes on top were just cut off a Lamborghini. I say that because you can get your own for only $28,000 and can choose from a grand total of four colours.

Lamborghini Boom Box

Bentley Double Bed

The only reason I could think of for sleeping in something with the Bentley logo is selling my house to buy a Bentley, and then living in it. This year however if you purchase the Bentley home collection you can get the Eastgate double bed designed by the famous (or maybe not) architect Carlo Colombo. People are talking about its elegant design, but I can’t get over the fact that their is no hood ornament.