Prepare your Car for Summer


Hello everyone, and a warm welcome to my vehicles blog. For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, the snow is finally beginning to melt and the roads are drying up, which means that many people will be taking their cars out of storage to drive during the summer months. I am one of those people, and having just pulled my car out of storage last week I have already gone through the rigmarole of getting my car road ready I can tell you, it is a process. I ended up online at trying to find some last minute deals on things to help clean the car and get it ready for a long summer drive. And being the considerate person I am I have put together this small list on how you can get your car summer ready.


Clean It!

It doesn’t matter if your car has been sitting in the garage all winter or if you’ve been putting on 50,000 kilometres a month; it needs a good ol’ clean. Start off with a wash on the outside, and then a wax if you love you car (like me and my BMW 530i). Then on the inside, where you will need to wipe down the panels and dashboard and vacuum the floors. If you have an HVAC system like me that won’t work for the car, then take a look at these used car vacuum cleaners on

 Car Vacuum cleaner

Change your Tires

Unless you come from a fair weather climate, your all year driver most likely will still have winter tires on it at the time of me typing this. Now, if you have all season tires then you can consider skipping this step, however all season tires are the devil, and should never be used if you can afford not to. I bought a used pair of summer tires this year from and they have minimal wear on them, meaning that I should be able to use them for a couple more seasons at least. This is even more important for the increasing number of people driving SUVs as the weight will put severe pressure on the less pressurized winter tires.

  Summer vs. Winter Tires

Check your Insurance!

When changing from the winter to summer months, you are going to experience different hazards on the road as well as different hazards when your vehicle is parked. AllState insurance has a great guide on doing just that, as well as some good tips for getting your vehicle summer ready.

If you clean your car inside and out, change from winter to summer tires and make sure they’re properly inflated, then follow AllState’s guide on summer insurance and safety, your car should be ready for the warm, summer roads. Take care everyone, and enjoy the weather.

 Summer Driving