Hello again everybody, this is Shabbal once more and this time I am going to offer you something completely different. I didn’t mention before that I am a big fan of music and especially the piano. I learned to play a little bit when I was a young boy, my grandfather was an expert on the piano and one of the best in the local area. He was almost famous! Unfortunately he died quite young and never got to hear me play today (although I am not that good, I still think it would make me proud).  So after he died I kind of stopped the lessons and more or less forgot about the piano. That was up until a few years ago when a chance meeting with an old school friend got me thinking about it. I explained to him that I am now very much into arts and collectibles and he suggested that I look into pianos the same way, as he could remember at school that I used to play, and how much I enjoyed it. It’s amazing what a chance meeting with someone can do.


So after that meeting it got me thinking a lot about it. I know that real vintage classic pianos are very expensive so maybe that is one for the future, when I have created my business empire? Ha. There are lots of options though and you don’t need to buy a Steinway grand to have a vintage piano in your home. As long as they are tuned regularly (if you chose to play the piano and it is not just for show) then an old vintage piano can look very nice in your home, and have a very positive influence too.


Cheaper Pianos


After some searching I was looking online for piano stores that sold older pianos. Somewhere like eBay perhaps. After a short time of searching I found a place with lots of piano for sale. I did see a Steinberg on there for around $18000 (US), which is a good price, but a little out of my range. With some more looking however there were a lot of really cool looking vintage pianos that look super collectible. Just have to keep them in good condition and look after them and they could either be worth nothing in twenty years or ten times the price, it’s hard to tell. I have my eye on three or four auctions at the moment though and I’m thinking that at least two of those pianos are very good deals, so I’ll let you know how they go! I want an acoustic piano as well, as digital pianos, although probably easier to maintain, just don’t have the feel and sound of a decent acoustic.


Stellar Pianos


As mentioned before Steinway do some amazing grand pianos, as well as Yamaha. Whilst I have been looking for bargain vintage instruments I have also been looking (and dreaming) about what it would be like to have one in my own home. Steinway for me are the best in the business. I’ve been lucky enough to have a little play years ago and they are just amazing pieces of equipment. Steinway are a German/American company that began making pianos around the middle of the 19th century and have been at the top of the game ever since. They own over 80% of the market share of top-end pianos. That is why they are the best. In 2015, Steinway produced the 600,000th piano since the companies inception around 170 years earlier. It was a custom made piano and it took the company over four years to make it. The price was set at nearly $2,500,000!! Must have been some piano!


If you ever come across brands called “Boston” and “Essex” then they are not to be sniffed at. They are actually made my Steinway but are aimed at lower ends of the market. Instead of being made in the USA and Germany they are made in Asia (due to lower labour costs etc.), but under the supervision of Steinway experts, so you can be sure that those pianos are still a very good piece of kit. On the used site I mentioned earlier I found examples of these, so if you want to get into playing, take a look at a nice second-hand Boston or Essex piano and get tinkling those ivories!