New Volkswagen Beetle Dune

New Volkswagen Beetle Dune

Not everyone is a fan of the Volkswagen Beetle. For me, personally, I grew up with them in the family so I have fond memories. I can’t say I’ve been buzzing as much about the newer models of Beetle but I have seen some pictures of the new Beetle Dune and it does like pretty cool, it has to be said.

Volkswagen Beetle Dune

I thought I’d share a few facts about it whilst I’m here. So, essentially, the new Dune is just a Beetle but with 1.1-inch wider tracks, around 2 inches of additional ground clearance and on top of that, flared fenders that help give it over 2-inches of extra width.

Under the hood, there is 210-hp and a 2-litre, direct injected turbo four. You may think that the Dune would have 4-wheel drive capabilities due to the way that it has been marketed but sadly it’s only a two-wheel, front-driver. This, along with the small boot space, means its better suited to the roads.

The price tag is reasonable; you are looking at around $25,000. Whether it will win over people from purchasing its rivals, such as the Jeep Renegade or Nissan Juke, I’m not too sure but for those people that enjoy the nostalgia that comes with the Beetle and who don’t need a lot of boot space, then this could be a solid choice and will definitely get people talking. What’s your views on the Beetle, are you a lover or a hater? Let me know, looking forward to hearing your opinions.