My Favourite Indian Artists

My Favourite Indian Artists

People may not appreciate that India has been the birth place of many great painters and they’ve had a huge impact on World Art. Some Indian Artworks have sold for very high sums of many. I wanted my first post to show appreciation to these artists. I have listed some that I really like personally. I hope you enjoy reading.

Amrita Shergill is definitely one of my favourite painters. Maybe it is because I am a woman also but I connect with her art more than any other artist. She is from the pre-colonial era of art and her works reflect her love for her country. Her paintings told a vivid story of the pre-colonial era and what it was like in India at the time.

Raja Ravi Varma is also at the top of my list of favourite artists. Most Indian art lovers will know who he is as he is famous for depicting scenes from Mahabharata and Ramayana. His graceful paintings of Sari Clad women are among his most famous works. He is probably the most famous artist in our history.

Tyeb Mehta was known all over the world as a brilliant painter. He also worked in filmmaking and left his artistic mark on film. He holds the record for the highest price an Indian painting has ever been sold when one of his paintings sold for 15 million Indian rupees. 

B. Prabha is my 2nd favourite artist after Amrita Shergill. She was mainly known for oils on canvas paintings but she also used many other styles. She had a formal style which I admire for its elegant’s. She painted a lot about the struggle of women in India at that time.

There are other artists I also enjoy but these are my favourite 4 artists. Hope you enjoyed my post.