My BMW 530i

My BMW 530i

    Greetings and salutations everyone, and welcome back to my blog about all things vehicles. I recently got back from a short trip around Ireland, where I got my beloved car out of storage, Betsy. I had left the poor girl all alone for over a year and she understandably needed a little work after that. I searched for some BMW parts online and found lots for dirt cheap at, I would suggest checking them out for your next repair job. I completely replaces the brakes with racing style brakes and got a nice pair of racing slicks for it and hit the road.



BMW 530i


How I got my Betsy

    I bought Betsy about 3 years ago after inheriting my mother's Subaru Forester and realizing that I wasn't’ going to pick up any chicks driving that around town I found someone selling a perfect condition 2001 BMW 530i. I headed up to see the guy with $12,000 in my pocket, took the car for a test drive and drove home with an amazing car plus I still had $1,500 in my pocket so it was a win-win day for me. It was winter time when I bought her, so I was only able to drive it around for a week before having to make the hard decision of buying winter tires for it parking it for the winter and after the drivers window literally fell out that decision was an easy one and Betsy got parked in my back parking lot. I didn't get to drive her for about 4-5 months after that, resorting to my shitty little Sebring that I wore the breaks down so much on I had wore into the rotors and need $1000 of work to be road safe again (with only 2 weeks left before I ended up getting Betsy out of storage). It was definitely a hard winter for me but the ensuing months made it all worth it.


Fun With a Beamer

The first day driving my Betsy again after such a long time apart (and this was only 4 months this time) felt amazing. I drove Betsy to work that morning, parked it right in front of the office so all the other guys could see it, and when we were heading out of town meaning I would ride in my co-workers truck I would always leave Betsy somewhere nice and if possible with security/cameras. This car was my baby and I treated her as such. I did have a couple of stupid drives with it though; one time driving with a friend well above the speed limit and passing a police car who was just finishing with another driver. I passed his car going around 50 km/h above the limit and quickly gunned and pushed Betsy to limit, getting up to about 220 km/h before turning off the road on proceeding to drive up the road for a closed ski resort and hiding under some trees for about 20 minutes. I love being able to push those limits and get where I need to go but that wasn’t the only reason I love that car.


BMW lights

BMW Angel Eyes

BMW Fancy

    When I bought Betsy, it was about as fancy a car as I had ever been in. Automatic window shades, fully movable seats including extendable rests for your legs, a built in toolkit in the trunk and so much more I can’t even remember because it was so frivolous. Of course it’s nothing compared to the new BMW 5 series which can even hook up to your smartwatch. But for a farm boy who was doing manual labour, this thing made me feel like a king. The computer system that was built in rivaled the brand new trucks we used for work and the milage was even better which was pretty good considering the age of the car at the time.

I still get compliments when I drive it around, when I took it road tripping this summer with my girlfriend I had many people asking me where I got it, which might have had something to do with the German license plate that says “Move Over” when it's in your rear view. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who moved over when they say me and Betsy behind them!


Personal reg plate

Move Over


Saying Goodbye to Betsy

    When I came back to Asia after my vacation, it hurt me so much to have to say goodbye to Betsy again, this time for an undetermined amount of time. I love that car, and I always will. I hope I will never have to sell her and that I can drive her until she breaks, but if I do at least it will give me a chance to have another favourite car of mine that I talked about before, the Golf GTI.