Gaga for Gucci

Hello everyone, welcome back to my Art and Collectibles blog. Thank you for continuing to come back and read my blog articles. I am so glad that you find them interesting and it is great to read your comments and find out new and different things.  

So I wanted to share with you my latest obsession. As a lover of art, and in particular anything second hand and vintage, I am also a lover of fashion. I think that fashion is a great way to express your artistic self and interests in your everyday life. It makes you stand out as an individual rather than just a generic sheep! My sense of style is classic but with a little flare and colour. I like to wear things that look smart but also a little playful. One particular item of clothing that I love to wear in all different colours and materials is shoes. If I have a designer pair of shoes on I feel pretty special and I can walk into any room with an air of confidence. I therefore have a huge collection of designer shoes but I always stick to one designer label that I know delivers great quality and a unique classic style every time. I am of course talking about the iconic and infamous brand Gucci! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this brand take a look at the website; and then tell me you haven’t fell in love…



The Gucci Brand:

From humble beginnings…

The brand was invented by Guccio Gucci in Florence, 1921. The brand immediately climbed to the number one spot of Italian fashion houses in producing products that were extremely high end and of exceptional quality. The idea behind the brand began with humble beginnings as Guccio, working as an immigrant hotel assistant in Paris and London, fell in love with the luxury luggage that customers of the hotel would bring with them. He immediately visited the company producing these quality leather products H. J Cave and Sons and took this inspiration back to his home town of Florence. Florence at this time was full with skilled artisans and had a reputation for selling high quality fashion goods. Guccio then established his shop selling Italian leather items such as handbags and of course his iconic loafer.



Big Business…

The success of the business meant that Guccio along with the help of his three sons, could begin expanding, opening more shops in Florence, as well as Milan and Rome. During World War II Guccio had to think on his feet and due to a shortage of leather began producing canvas bags which featured the double GG symbol synonymous with the city of Florence at that time and now all around the world.

Guccio’s sons developed the brand even further by expanding to New York City.  Many jet setters and fashion icons would travel to Italy during the 1950s and 60s which propelled the Gucci brand into the world of glamour. Famous people would pose in the brands clothing, accessories and footwear for lifestyle magazines which took the popularity and respect for the brand to a whole new level.



Modern Gucci…

Since then the brand has continued to change and grow as new owners and designers step in, establishing the Gucci brand as the godfather of the fashion industry to this day. Changes in designers and owners is perhaps considered essential in order to keep the brand fresh and at the peak of the fashion industry. That being said, the one thing that undoubtedly keeps Gucci at the top of the clothing pile is fact that it still adheres to the classical, tailored and quality style that made the brand so successful in the first place. I think the day the brand loses sight of this concept then we will lose the brand we all know and love.


Buying Gucci

So when I said that I like to collect Gucci shoes I don’t think I quite explained the extremity to which I do this. I have a whole room full with Gucci shoes. Some of them I have been lucky enough to buy brand new (I didn’t eat or do much for those few months!!) but the majority are in fact second hand. Wherever I travel to I will seek out second hand designer stores and have even been lucky enough to stumble across a pair or two of used Gucci shoes being sold dirt cheap in charity shops. These days though most of my shopping is done online and I have one particular site that I frequent a lot. The site features a great selection of used Gucci shoes which are in excellent condition and a steal at half the price!

My newest addition!