Ford Focus Review

Ford Focus Review

Hey guys, hope you are all doing well. I am doing great, getting back to writing my vehicles blog after a busy Christmas. My whole family came down for the holidays, and my dad surprised me with a Ford Focus he found on, where you can find the best prices online for anything. This resulted in him finding a great deal on the car, meaning I don’t feel as bad that I got a vehicle for Christmas and that he was able to include a pair of winter tires with it as well. This also meant, however, that I was the designated driver for the holidays, but that just gave me more time to get used to my new Ford Focus.

Blue Ford Focus


First things first, I want to talk about Ford's famous EcoBoost. The Ford Focus has the smallest example of the little blue oval that has become synonymous with the EcoBoost family.  Consider this an early indication of what Ford hopes to bring to the table in the future. Smaller engines with fewer cylinders and ultra-wide-ratio transmissions are something that all automakers are trying to do, trying to meet that 54.5 MPG industry standard.

What is it?

Last year, the Ford Focus got a big overhaul as part of its goodbye to the current frame model. Looking from the outside the changes seem slight, pretty much just some new lights and a more blingy grill that do make the car look a lot nicer. You can’t really blame Ford for not wanting to change to much as the Focus has been the best selling car worldwide for 2 years, and this new version is trying to extend that run.

Gold Ford Focus


What is the Focus like on the road? Well, the Focus has always sat in that ‘fine to drive’ category like the Golf, with a good balance between handling and ride that almost seems to be shaming other more sporty cars. There have been many changes since the M3 chassis came onto the scene almost 5 years ago, and these changes have made the Focus a much smoother and frankly more fun ride.This is a car built for people who like to drive, with a nice and keen front end and a rear axle that is happy to help in cornering.



Like always, you have many different choices for the engine you want in your Ford Focus. You have the two 1.5 litre diesel engines which manage to dip below that magical 99g/KM mark in the C02 category, as well as funky 1.0 litre turbo triple, which is expected to account for half of the sales. You can also go petrol if you wish, with a 1.5 liter petrol engine that can come in either 148BHP or 180BHP. The engine is very satisfying, giving you raw power with a sort of natural linearity. Ford makes some nice gearboxes, and with this years Focus you can even find that out with the automatic version thanks to PowerShift. You will still need to plug it in for the winter though, we haven't made it that far.

On the Inside

For years, this part of the Focus has desperately needed a makeover. The console especially; being over crowded with buttons it looked more like a spaceship then a car. Ford has fixed this problem with possibly the easiest solution, adding a touch screen media system that controls pretty much everything in the car. This not only drastically reduced the button count, but the software is actually pretty good. If you pay close attention you will find similarities between this system and the one found in Audi, BMW and Mercedes cars as well. That’s right, this year's Focus is a Audi/BMW/Mercedes/Ford.

Dark Red Ford Focus

Owning Costs

The recommended sales value of the Focus is very high, and if you are looking at the 180BHP model you may as well look at a Focus GT. This is Ford however, and Ford loves a good discount. Keep an eye out for Ford Family pricing or other big incentives and you might find yourself signing the papers before you know it. C02 emissions are low across the board, meaning that depending on the model you may be able to avoid paying a driving tax.The claimed numbers for fuel economy may seem amazing, but you will be hard pressed to recreated these exact numbers, even with an EcoBoost gas engine.



In closing, the Ford Focus looks great, drives great, sounds great and even pollutes great. This is the number one selling hatchback in the world for 2 years straight and by no accident. Ford knows what they are doing and continue to show strides in their automotive innovation. I hope you guys like my Ford Focus review, keep coming back for more great vehicle reviews.