The Best Motorcycle Manufacturers

The Best Motorcycle Manufacturers 

Hey readers, welcome back to my vehicles blog. Today we are going to be talking about one of my favourite types of vehicles, motorcycles. The first official motorcycle was made in 1894 by Hildebrand and Wolfmuller, and since then the concept has taken off. Motorcycles are seen as a toy in most Western countries, especially those in the north as the times of year you can drive are severely limited by the snow and ice. For anyone in a third world country however, motorbikes are the way to go. I bought myself a used motorcycle from  as the milage is great for zipping around the city on a single tank. Before buying I looked at some of the better manufacturers of motorcycles around the world, and came up with these. 


Made in Japan, Honda is one of the most recognizable automotive brands that doesn’t make cars or trucks. Honda has made a name for themselves selling performance street bikes, touring bikes as well as some amazing dirt bikes for the adrenaline junkies. I had my first Honda at 5 years old, a little 50cc mini bike that I would ride around the farm. That bike was a beast as it had been passed down to me from my cousin, who got it from his brother. I would letter give it to my brother who gave it to a friend. I tried to rekindle this feeling with a used Honda CRF 150 that I found really cheap online at  and wow, does it feel good. 

Honda Motocross 


Another giant from Japan, Yamaha is usually seen competing against Honda at every motocross event worldwide with their signature blue paint job. Yamaha makes some amazing motocross bikes, perfect for those summer drives through the mountains. These guys have been making bikes since the 1940’s, starting with a 150cc 2 stroke and in 1998 putting out their first mass produced 4 stroke motorcycle. I have wanted to buy myself a Yamaha motorcycle for a couple years now, but the price always deterred me. After looking around online I found a used Yamaha 125 on that I really, really might have to buy. Yamahag motorcycle 


The third team to usually be seen competing at all major motorcycle and motocross events worldwide, this time in their lime green, is Kawasaki. Like Honda and Yamaha, Kawasaki bikes have been shipping from Japan since 1949. The most famous Kawasaki bike that is almost more well known then the company themselves would have to be the Ninja, one of the most popular low range street bikes in the world. Retailing at $28,000 USD these bikes are really a bargain of a bike, as the newer versions have enough electronics in them to make up half the cost already. 

Kawasaki Ninja

So many choices

If you are planning on getting yourself a motorbike anytime soon, be it a motocross bike, street bike, or anything in between check out these 3 giants from Japan. If you agree or disagree with what I said in this post, then feel free to leave me a comment in the section donw below. To any first time readers, I hope you enjoyed this post and if so, then please check out another one of my post like my last one on strange car merch. Enjoy your day/afternoon/evening/night everyone!