Antique filing cabinets

Hello everyone, Shabbal here again. Thanks for coming back to my blog! It is so great to have somewhere I can discuss all of the things I love to collect, as well as my favourite artists and just about everything that is weird and wonderful!

Another passion of mine...

So one of my many passions in life is interior design and I just love to collect different pieces for my home. I have a really eclectic taste from the super modern to the super old. I love to mix modern industrial items with antique and vintage pieces. I love the Scandinavian teak and pine from the 1970’s, the unusual shapes of the art nouveau period and I also love the light airy feel of morocco with its warm colours. I often like to collect unusual items from my travels too but I am quite particular about what I buy as I don’t want to create a space that feels overcrowded and stuffy. Instead I have a living area that is quite spacious and open plan but that still feels comfortable and homely.

Buying a filing cabinet...

Anyway, I have got a lot of paper work and books that I need to reorganise and I would like one area where I can keep them all together. I actually have some space in my living area that is looking quite bare and that is almost crying out for a piece of chunky antique furniture. With this in mind I was talking to a friend who recommended I buy a filing cabinet from a site called He had recently purchased one himself and said that they do all sorts of different designs that are both practical and stylish. 

After having a look on the site my friend suggested I decided that they didn’t have what I was looking for. Me and my friend have very different tastes when it comes to interior design. I mean don’t get me wrong we enjoy talking to each about different pieces we have purchased and we both always appreciate one another’s sense of style but we also have very different tastes. My friend tends to go for very stylish, modern pieces with clean lines - very different to my mismatched eclectic style!

What I am looking for...

So with this in mind I wanted something that would of course be practical but that was a little more retro and antique looking. Something of quality that I could keep forever. I have been searching all over the web to gain some inspiration of the specific style of filing cabinet that I would like. I think a filing cabinet in the very traditional sense of the word is what I am looking for. A big, strong, solid wooden filing cabinet with lots of little draws or pigeon holes as they used to be called. I actually found a great site that has lots of filing cabinets for sale in the style that I want at a very reasonable cost. I would love to show you guys my favourite designs and see what you all think! Any ideas on what design I should go for would be greatly appreciated!

I really love the style of this one. The quality of the wood looks solid and I like the gold detailing on the front of the draws. It is also very unusual to find an example where the draws are vertical as opposed to horizontal. This would also be particularly useful for storing all of my paperwork. My only concern is that the shape of the filing cabinet isn’t quite what I was looking for. I was hoping for something a little wider which would complement the space that it would be sitting in a lot better.



This example is very eye catching as it is made of a rustic metal which looks very unusual. It also has lots of different shaped draws which would allow me to store many different items. That being said I almost think it is a little too big and that I would actually prefer something made of solid wood.




This filing cabinet is perhaps the perfect size and shape but unfortunately the draws are just a little bit too small to store anything worthwhile in there. The wood also looks very good quality and in great condition but it almost looks just a little too neat and well-kept for my style. I much prefer items that show signs of wear and tear as this gives them a rustic edge and uniqueness.




Again this one has many different style draws which is great for storage but as a result makes the cabinet seem a little too big and intrusive. One thing I do love though is the washed out wood effect and the mix of colours due to the items wear and tear. I think this adds a real edge and character to the piece.